Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thuthuka Jewellery Awards Exhibition 2016

Christian Lambo, Mizanne Jewellers.
FADA UJ Alumni.
Thabo Maluke, Ekurhuleni
Jewellery School.
The Thuthuka Jewellery Development Programme is proud to present an exhibition of jewellery designed by students from community schools and universities across the country. Hosted in the FADA Gallery, this annual exhibition celebrates an extraordinary mentorship programme that focuses on design and skills development, and the competition enables each student designer to explore their creativity using sterling silver and other metals to meet the brief.
Thabo Maluke, Ekurhuleni
Jewellery School.

The Thuthuka Jewellery Awards showcases the students’ best work and will open at a gala evening and award ceremony at the FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg. View last year's exhibition. Follow the link.

Naledi Motto, Ekurhuleni
Jewellery School.

Opening and Awards Event:
Wednesday Evening: 2 March at 18:00.




011726 2502

FADA Gallery, UJ Bunting Road Campus.

Exhibition run:
Open to the public: 3-28 March

Gallery Hours
Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 -16:00
Saturday 9:00 - 13:00

Christian Lambo, Mizanne Jewellers.
FADA UJ Alumni.

Zadie Becker, FADA  (University of Johannesburg)
Every year since 2008, students have been mentored one-on-one over a three-month period, from conception through design to production. The work this year explores and interprets the best of the country’s musicians, dancers and performers, where each student has focused on the style and impact their chosen entertainer has made on our culture. For the students this has entailed a personal journey and vision, producing work of a highly intricate, creative and skilled nature.  

 For walkabout times contact Carola Ross on 083 653 5540
Siyabonga Cele, Mizanne  Jewellers.

Karleigh Swanepoel and Tokoloho Thulo.
FADA, University of Johannesburg.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

FADA Gallery Exhibitions Schedule 2016.

Thuthuka Jewellery Awards Exhibition:
         2 March – 31 March.

FADA Jewellery Sale and Auction 2016.
         8 April – 12 April.

I-WEAR Inspirational Sun and Optical Masks.
         18 – 23 April

FADA Alumni Exhibition 2016.
         10 May – 8 June

VIAD Curated Exhibition. The Front Room, in the African Diaspora & 10 Little N*****Boys.
         28 July – 19 August.

JJC Schools Award Exhibition 2016.
         15 September – 30 September (provisional dates)

VIAD curated Exhibition. Priya Ramrakha (provisional Title)
         6 October – 19 October

Visual Art B Tech Exhibition.
         1 – 18 November (provisional dates).

Dean’s Award Exhibition 2016.
         24 November – 10 February 2017 (provisional dates).

Thuthuka Jewellery Awards Exhibition 2016.
2 -31 March

The thuthuka Jewellery Development Programme offers an independent, extra-curricular mentorship programme and competition to jewellery design students from community schools and universities across the country. The focus is on creativity and innovation in design and skills development. Every year since 2008, students have been given a design brief and mentored one-on-one over three months from conception, through design to production. The process culminates in a competition, a gala evening and award ceremony, and a public exhibition of the best work at the FADA Gallery.

Follow the provided link to the view 2015 Awards Exhibition.

8 April – 12 April. (Dates to be confirmed)
Future Famous:  Retail Jewellery auction and exhibition (working title)

‘Future Famous’ is a retail auction and exhibition hosted by the UJ Jewellery Design and Manufacture Department. The exhibition showcases selected student pieces, collected over the past 10 years. The works for sale include a wide range of innovative award winning platinum and silver high end and contemporary jewellery pieces. The main aim of this initiative is to market the excellent design talent harnessed in the jewellery department, as well as to raise funds to support its continual expansion.

18 – 23 April (dates to be confirmed)
I-WEAR Inspirational Sun and Optical Masks.

Industrial Design in collaboration with FADA Gallery presents a viewer interactive eyewear exhibition inspired by the avant-garde sun and optical masks of the Berlin based company Kuboraum

10 May – 8 June (dates to be confirmed)
FADA Alumni Exhibition 2016.

FADA nominated Phillip van der Merwe and Greg Gamble (TONIC) for the prestigious 2016 FADA Alumni Exhibition. They are invited to exhibit iconic examples of their design work, showcasing a cross-section of creative expression that exemplifies their conceptual approach, style and fine craftsmanship in interior architecture.
 TONIC - http://tonicdesign.co.za

The exhibition is seen as a prestigious bi-annual, curated exhibition, which honours the contribution and success of FADA (TWR and UJ) alumni in their respective professions. It is also envisaged that the exhibition will help position contemporary art and design practice as a threshold of excellence and innovation, in order that our current cohort of students would strive towards such standards and in so doing, expand their boundaries of knowledge.

Honoured Alumni Since 2008.

28 July – 19 August.
The Front Room
in the African Diaspora.

VIAD is proud to announce the hosting of an exhibition and research-driven project by Dr Michael McMillan at FADA Gallery. The presentation is premised on his critically acclaimed The West Indian Front Room (2005) showcased at the Geffrye Museum, London Borough of Hackney, England.

Stemming from socio-economic and political significances of Front Rooms amongst West Indian communities in England, the exhibition presented in FADA Gallery emerges from collaborations with Johannesburg-based communities, arts practitioners and organisations, through extensive ethnographic research reflecting the material culture of their own living/front rooms. The project elaborates on an understanding of how cultural practices of the African diaspora are enacted in the material environs of the front room, through often entangled intersections of similar and dissimilar contexts, Diasporic narratives and expressions of belonging. How, in the postcolonial and postapartheid era, can shifts in the material culture of the living/front room reflect wider changes in South African society?

10 Little N***** Boys
Alongside the presentation of VIAD Research Associate Dr Michael MacMillan’s research driven The Front Room exhibition, Dr Christine Checinska – also an affiliate of VIAD, will showcase an installation titled, 10 Little N***** Boys.

Setting fashion and dress into the wider context of material culture, Dr Checinska’s installation takes as its departure point an original work first presented in the James Hockey Gallery, Farnham, England. Echoing the concerns of the West Indian Front Room, by Dr McMillan, the installation examines the place of dress as a way of tracing the journey from colonisation to post-coloniality, asking how does the presentation of selfmark a shift in one’s position in society?

15 September – 30 September.
JJC Schools Award Exhibition 2016.

Elá Aguiar, NarcissusInstallation. Reddam House BedfordviewFirst prize winner 2015.
FADA Gallery in association with the Johannesburg Junior Council (JJC) presents the 2016 JJC Schools’ Art and Design Awards Exhibition. Schools in the Gauteng province are requested to submit work produced by grade 11 and 12 learners. A diverse range of art and design work is annually selected for the awards exhibition that includes artists’ books, paper sculpture installations and digital media.

6 October – 19 October
Priya Ramrakha (Provisional Title)

Curated by Dr. Erin Haney & Shravan Vidvarthi, in collaboration with the Visual Identities in Art and Design Research Centre (VIAD)

The photographic exhibition explores the archives of pioneering Kenyan photojournalist Priya Ramrakha (1935 – 1968) as a seminal and under acknowledged documentation of African Independence and post-Independence movements in the fifties and sixties. From Kenya's grassroots struggles with Tom Mboya and Kenyatta, to the consequences of the Biafra, Priya Ramrakha captures, without sentimentality, a complex intertwining of African, Indian, South African and African American image histories and stories.

1 – 18 November
Visual Arts B Tech Exhibitions.

FADA Visual Art B Tech students showcase their work in the FADA Gallery. This year the department will consolidate the creative output of all the final year students in one integrated exhibition.

24 November – 10 February 2017 (provisional dates)
Dean’s Award Exhibition 2016.

This prestigious awards exhibition is an annual event and features the best body of work produced by FADA graduates during the academic year. Instituted for the first time in 2015, seven students will be selected based on their creative, innovative and masterfully crafted art, design and architecture based projects.
Follow the provided link to view the work of last year’s winner - Daniel Carstens (BTech Industrial Design).

Image above - Last year's winner, Daniel Carstens.