Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FADA ALUMNI EXHIBITION 2016 : TONIC Philippe van der Merwe & Greg Gamble

Venue:       FADA GALLERY Bunting road campus.
Opening:    Thursday 19 May
Time:          18:00 for 18:30

Event Details: Facebook page

Gallery Hours:  
Tuesday to Friday:   09:00 – 16:00
Saturday:                 09:00 – 13:00
Closed Mondays

Exhibition run: 20 May - 24 June.

The TONIC studio and showroom were established by Philippe van der Merwe and Greg Gamble 16 years ago. The creative duo met as students at the then Technikon Witwatersrand while enrolled in the Department of Interior Design.

A fascination with the design of both interiors and furniture forms the core of TONIC’s design activity, leading to their formalist approach. There are always carefully considered proportional relationships within the components of their furniture, and in turn, to the proportions of their interiors; parts are related to the whole resulting in visual harmony and unity. This manifests in the timeless quality imbued in their designs.

The link between concept and execution is an important consideration of TONIC’s design process. Truth to materials and craftsmanship is a vital element in their consideration of visual and tactile qualities of every component. These two factors fuse in TONIC’s design scheme resulting in experiencing the particular interior holistically.

TONIC, as a design consultancy, has established a comprehensive service for each project that they execute. They have experience across all fields of Interior Design including corporate, hospitality, retail and domestic. Bespoke furniture can be created specifically for clients’ needs.

Local craftsmen and materials are sourced to anchor their work within a South African context. The best available materials reflect a sense of luxury and add refinement to their furniture designs and the consideration of the arrangement and manipulation of surfaces and space. Colour and tone are enhanced by texture which is an important element in their work.

They choose appropriate accessories and lighting to compliment their bespoke furniture,  reinforcing the sense of visual cohesion that is a central characteristic of their design approach. These qualities are further strengthened by their original vision and creativity.

Their characteristic trademark of quality and meticulous detailing result in the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic, that is widely acclaimed both locally and internationally.

This alumni exhibition acknowledges the extensive contribution that TONIC has made to the interior design discipline in South Africa over the last 16 years.

Gallery Hours  
Tuesday to Friday: 09:00 – 16:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00
Closed Mondays
Exhibition run: 20 May - 24 June.

Gallery Contact Details
Eugene Hon
011 5591386