Thursday, September 9, 2021

Dear colleagues and friends, the FADA Gallery invites you to the exhibition titled, 

Interventions in Practice


The exhibition comprises the work of eight academic staff members from the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture (FADA) and is curated by gallery director Eugene Hön.

The participants are Alexander Opper, Bongani Khoza, Deirdre Pretorius, Khanya Mthethwa, Marc Edwards, Martin Bolton and Thato Radebe. A diverse range of work across disciplines is on display, from photography to jewellery, an artist’s book, industrial design tools and products, ceramic transferware and various forms of visual art expressions in mixed media. Each artist and designer has been provided with a dedicated space, across the gallery’s two floors, in which to exhibit their work.


Marc Edwards
Marc Edwards. Looking Around; Acts of Noticing.  

The exhibition serves not only as a platform for staff to showcase their practice-based research to the university community and broader public, but also to facilitate their applications to the Department of Higher Education (DHET) to have this work accredited and recognised as creative research outputs. The DHET’s policy on the evaluation of creative research outputs was published in 2017 and its implementation began in 2019. This milestone followed years of lobbying by academics in the creative disciplines across South Africa for the recognition of creative research outputs. Creative practitioners working in universities across South Africa have welcomed this opportunity for their creative work to be formally recognised and rewarded as research outputs through a process of peer review.


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue which provides information on each contributor and in which they contextualise and elaborate on their work. The work has been conceptualised within a scholarly framework as a form of research, and hence contributors, in particular those working in the design fields, were free from the constraints which operate within commercial working environments. Participants aimed to create original work which contributes to the production of new knowledge in their fields. Whilst the work will be physically exhibited in the FADA Gallery, it will also be made more broadly available during and after the exhibition through the use of various digital platforms. Viewers are invited to engage with the exhibition in both the physical and digital spaces and participate in the series of talks and walkabouts which will accompany the exhibition run.


Martin Bolton. Rotational Casting Machine, Tools and Products.

The installations and bodies of work exhibited reaffirm the FADA staff’s commitment to produce work within and across their areas of expertise and research and the value they place on creative research output. In this way faculty members continuously expand their knowledge in and across various fields. This mode invariably enriches the scope and depth of teaching and learning within the broad range of disciplines on offer at FADA while contributing to the development of creative research outputs.



Eugene Hon. Windstruck; Transferware.


Exhibition run: 

Tuesday 10 August  - Thursday 30 September 2021.


Viewing by appointment. 

Email Eugene - eugeneh@uj.ac.za.


Gallery Hours

Tuesday to Friday 09:00 – 16:00

Saturday 09:00 – 13:00

Closed Mondays, public and university holidays


Eugene Hön


FADA Gallery

Faculty of Art Design and Architecture

Bunting Road Campus

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